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If you come to the Colonia Güell between the 14th and 16th of October, in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, you can enjoy the eleventh modernist party which will be celebrated there, complete with short theatrical and musical performances. (more…)

Güell Palace reopens its doors

This work of the master architect Antoni Gaudí, located in the centre of Barcelona in the street Nou de la Rambla, reopened on May 26 after several yearss’ restoration. (more…)

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Book Gaudi Beyond the City tour and discover the treasures off the beaten track

If you are a Gaudí lover and already familiar with Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, you shouldn’t miss the treasures off the beaten track. The crypt of the Güell Colony is an architect’s joy and a World Heritage site. Daily Tours are the only tours going there. (more…)

Family is coming to Barcelona…

You probably try to make place in your shared flat for your mom, your aunt, your sister etc every time someone in your family comes to visit you, but the joy of family couch-surfing has its limits doesn’t it ? (more…)

The Gaudi Combo Offer: Gaudi in one day

One of our new tours is the Gaudí Combo offer, a special pack where you can visit all the Gaudí’s architecture in Barcelona. With the Combo Offert you will do the Gaudí Tour and the Gaudí Beyond the City Tour in one day and saving 15 €!


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