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The Gràcia Festival is back

Once again the neighborhood of Gracia brings Barcelona one of the most popular district festivals of the city. It has been celebrated since the middle to end of the 19th century, with the initial excuse of being close to the Sant Roc religious holiday in August, but the Gracia festival developed as a laic celebration, supported by social clubs and labour groups like dance clubs and the Ateneo. (more…)

The Fiesta Major of Sants and Gracia: an exciting event at the end of the summer. Are you coming?

This August, if you happen to visit Barcelona you can join the “Fiesta Major” taking place in the districts of Gracia and Sants. Gracia’s own festival opened this week and will be on until the 21st of August. The following week, it’s the district of Sants which will host its very own programme of events.

Festa Major de Gracia, enjoy one of the best summer events in Barcelona

For those on vacation in Barcelona or those living here and want to enjoy their holidays, there is one great thing to do this week: go to Gracia and enjoy the party. (more…)

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