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The Gràcia Festival is back

Once again the neighborhood of Gracia brings Barcelona one of the most popular district festivals of the city. It has been celebrated since the middle to end of the 19th century, with the initial excuse of being close to the Sant Roc religious holiday in August, but the Gracia festival developed as a laic celebration, supported by social clubs and labour groups like dance clubs and the Ateneo. (more…)

The successful Grec Festival is coming to an end…

There is still time though to enjoy the polymorphic Grec Festival of Barcelona. It started the last days of June and continues until the first days of August. It’s a festival that offers music, dance and theatre.

Have you walked Barcelona?

If you come to Barcelona and you want to take profit of the stroll, the best thing to do is take a walking tour! Barcelona Guide Bureau offers you a wide possibility of itineraries to know the city from the inside, with professional’s guides that explain you everything you missed in your first sight.


Don’t miss the new tours of BGB on Barcelona

Until November 1, Barcelona Guide Bureau has a promotional offer on all its new tours.

You can do the Barça Tour, the Gaudí Beyond the City Tour, the Modernisme World Heritage Tour or the New Architecture tour from only 30 €/adult and 15€/child.

Check them on the web site!

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First things to do in Barcelona when you arrive

It is a fact, once you get to Barcelona you must go to Camp Nou! This is something that almost all the new people in the city does, and you shouldn’t miss it! With a capacity for 98.772, is the largest stadium in Europe and the emplacement of the famous football team FC Barcelona.

But, how to know it better that from someone who really had have the experience? M&J bloggers tell us the story of their impressions of their first football game in the Camp Nou.


Barcelona Guide Bureau’s guide opinions: Oliver Casado

Why Barcelona Guide Bureau (what is the difference between you and otherguides)?

It´s not for me to say, but I think that one of my qualities is empathy, I love dealing with people, it makes me feel great, I really enjoy my job, and I guess that this is why we´ve all chosen it! (more…)

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